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    Top Rated Web Hosting Companies

    Web Hosting Companies Reviews

    Posted on 5/3/2008

    With many web hosting companies that all promise to give quality services, it is hard to choose what is really suitable for your needs. But first, what is the purpose of these companies?

    This may be a technology jargon so a definition is required to explain this. Web hosting service is a type of internet service that allows organizations and individuals to provide their web site access through the World Wide Web.

    These are companies that provide space on servers for their clients’ use and also providing them with internet connectivity which is typically located in a data center.

    The service scope provided by these companies varies, but the most basic is the web page and small-scale file hosting. The files are usually delivered with little or no processing at all. There are many internet service providers (ISPs) that give free service to their subscribers. Personal web page is typically free (or cheap) as this is sponsored by advertisers. Meanwhile, business web site hosting is often much expensive.

    The company host also provides an interface, also known as control panel, for managing web server and for establishing scripts. It also provides other services such as e-mails. Some company hosts opt for specialized softwares and services like e-commerce. These are used by other larger companies to outsource network infrastructure to its host.

    Web hosting is often provided as part of internet access plan. There are free or paid providers offering these kinds of services. Before you choose a hosting company, evaluate the applications and requirements of a certain company. Always consider the scripting software, database server software, and the operating system it use. Typically, hosting providers offer Linux-based web hosting which provides different software application.

    As a costumer, you may also choose windows for its platform. These are: Perl, PHP, ASP.Net, Classic ASP, and Python. Web hosting clients may choose to have other services like email for their business domain and databases for media streaming. Web content management system is provided by hosting companies. This is advantageous for the users as this will take care of other technical aspects. This is also great for those people who have average expertise to computer programs. But unfortunately, this feature is more of a disadvantage for people who want to have more controls to their website design and features.

    If you are looking for web hosting reviews, you can find in the directories the companies and its profiles. These will say whether a certain company will provide services that will suit your needs. The top 15 web hosting companies, according to are: (in respective order),,,,,,, DSredirection,,,,,,, and Majority of these companies are US-based and only four of these are from other countries. The, which ranks number one on the list, has a market share of 17.42 percent and a total domain that reached over 17 million.

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