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    Top 10 Hardest Sports to Learn and Play

    Toughest Sports to Play

    Posted on 4/12/2008

    Sports require physical capabilities of a competitor that will determine if he/she is going to win. This is why the demand of having a healthy physique is essential to possess as this will give the person a competitive edge.

    A panel of experts composed of scientists, academicians, athletes, and sports journalists identified 10 hardest sports. Ranking first on the list was boxing which was followed shortly by ice hockey, according to ESPN website.

    Using determining factors like endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, nerve, durability, hand-eye coordination, and analytical aptitude, experts measured the skills demanded for 60 sports they have chosen to evaluate.

    The study came up with 10 sports that were deemed to be the hardest. The first on the list is boxing, followed by ice hockey, football, basketball, wrestling, martial arts, tennis, gymnastics, baseball/softball, soccer, skiing (Alpine), water polo, rugby, lacrosse, and rodeo (steer wrestling).

    From sports training resources fishing ranked on the bottom of the list as the easiest among other 60 sports.

    Boxing is not just the hardest sports, but also one of the most dangerous one. Head concussions and brain injuries are the two major result of ring fight. Boxers are more vulnerable to suffer diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

    The American Association of Neurological Surgeons revealed a study indicating that 90 percent of boxers have sustained brain injuries due to cumulative blows in the head.

    The ice hockey, the second hardest sports, also puts risk on its players. They are vulnerable to high-impact collisions which are mostly caused by contact with other players. Neck, spine, and knee injuries may still occur even with the protective gear (but this is still important to use to greatly reduce the risk of serious injuries).

    Studies show that injuries occur during games rather than when practicing. It has been estimated that almost one-third of injuries are caused by foul-play, and so penalizing a player for his violent behavior is necessary to lessen this.

    Football, which ranked third on the hardest list of sports, may cause a lot of injuries. According to British Journal of Sports Medicine, football players are more prone to neck injuries compared to people who play soccer and hockey. Being a contact sport, football puts also a high risk to head and spinal injuries.

    As the sport’s main goal is to impede the motion of the opposing player, hard collision may result to serious fractures, lacerations, concussions, strains, and sprains. But overall, the number of accidents had declined for the past few decades due to the use of protective gear and the proper equipment.

    If a person wants to be engage in sports, he should first seek the advice of a doctor. If there is underlying illness, the person must take extra precaution or consider the risk involved. Also take into consideration the person’s body type if he has the proper height and weight requirements.

    Almost every sport has a risk, but with proper sports training and use of protective gear and proper equipment, accidents may be avoided.

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    Name: syrymflash

    among team sports the hardest ones are basketball and hockey. cuz in both of them u gotta be much smarter than in any other sport (that's why is hard to learn. and in these games you got variety of situations, to which you gotta get used to. In many other sports it's different). both of them got a lot of contact, tough games for tough people. the hardest part to improve is dribbling. lets say in football you don't work on your dribbling. in soccer no one cares about their hand skills. baseball , no dribbling, no contact. in all 5 major team sports, people GOTTA SPEND HOURS in gym working out on some aspects of game. However, only in bball and hockey , athletes spend extra hours on handling). Also, btw, hockey you gotta be also a good skater.

    Name: rains

    football is not a a hard sport to play what so ever if your fat or just plain big you can start on the line with little training this is not tough

    Name: Josh

    Volleyball is one of the hardest games to play as u have to work as a team and u need to hit the ball over a net with only 3 touches between everyone on your team

    Name: Thurstoner

    This list lost all credibility for not including Golf. Sure anyone can swing and hit a golf ball, but there's a huge difference between that and being anywhere close to competitive.

    Name: ashlyn

    gymnastics should be number one! By the time I was 10 years old I was training more than 20 hours a week! We do conditioning twice every practice and run outside! They would yell at us until we were in tears, and then kick us out for crying. I have done many sports, but gymnastics is hands down the hardest!

    Name: Paradee Johnson

    My opinion, Gymnastics definately. Mental, Physical, Everything. If your a gymnast you will definately know.

    Name: Andrew Shenberg

    @rain r u stupid or just insanely hi if ur fat ur obviously not strong and if your not strong then the line is gunna be ti=ough for u when ur facing a strong guy because hes just as heavy as u just he has muscle so he will take u and throw u out of his way... now tell me if thats easy? what sport do u play soccer? psh give me a break

    Name: Kevin Thomas

    I played alot of hockey and tennis. Tennis is harder. Nobody to pass to and there is no place to hide. In hockey you can use your thinking ability to sneak around and get easy points. Plus tennis matches can last a LONG time.

    Name: Emmanuel Motsiopoulos

    Diving is definitely in the top two. The only sport I think can top it is gymnastics because there are more events. Diving takes all the conditioning, strength, and power as gymnastics, plus you get to add in the fear of doing your tricks three stories above the water while hitting speeds of close to 30-40 miles per hour

    Name: Emmanuel Motsiopoulos

    Diving is definitely in the top two. The only sport I think can top it is gymnastics because there are more events. Diving takes all the conditioning, strength, and power as gymnastics, plus you get to add in the fear of doing your tricks three stories above the water while hitting speeds of close to 30-40 miles per hour

    Name: Michael

    its good that wrestling is one of the top five. I speak from experience when I say that wrestling is one of the toughest sports around. I haven't played another sport where you have to use strength, technique, flexibility, and mental toughness in a sport. oh and this one's to rain: are you serious? obviously you've never played football. Linemen are extremely strong and smart. That "fat" that you see is muscle mass. except for maybe Vince Wilfork hehe

    Name: Megan

    Gymnastics deffinitly, and who ever says that gymnastics is easy, i would like to see them try! cuz last time i chekced not the everyday person wants to do back tucks on a 3 inch beam...cheerleading is not hard

    Name: Nick

    where the hell is water polo?

    Name: Kennedy

    Gymnastics most definitely, you have to do four different events, and flipping on a 4inch beam id like to see people do that. And the stregth to swing on bars and all the conditioning we do. I work 4 1/2 hours a DAY for 6 days a week and i am only 13! it is the hardest sport every its like putting your life in danger just when you walk in the gym. And other sports get cancled but not gymnastics because it is in a gym.

    Name: cindy

    bmx flatland it's like doing gymnastics on a bike,cept there are more moves to learn

    Name: Clay

    Where the hell is golf?

    Name: soccer guy

    Here is a thought, take percentages and I think you will see what sports are tough and easy. With the major sports not the gymnastics and what not, i never did those but I can see they are extremely difficult, I mean sports that require physical contact/other individual hinder the outcome. basketball around 50% shooting is average (WEAK play a real sport, this is the biggest joke) At least all others like baseball hitting .400 is so rare that it hasnt been done since Willaims. Football try to catch a ball with someone wanting to rip your head off. Hockey skating hitting and shooting past a goalie. Soccer using feet, head, chest and yeah ppl can run into/slide tackles you and no foul and goalies to stop your shot no layups. I guess this was more to say Basketball is so weak in its general objective. Foul shots no one bloacks you and your shots they are not allowed to touch when they are coming dwon or it is goaltending. Really there are more soccer injuries. using hands to throw a ball wow thats tough. Oh yeah i also should mention I have 2 championships in basketball, one in baseball, 3 letters in football, 3 in track, and 4 letters/3 championships in soccer. I would call all equal with the exception of basketball by far the easiest sport ever to play.

    Name: Mary

    Completive cheer is the hardest cues you have to be strong and you have to know how to power tumble which is very hard!

    Name: jesse

    i think the hardest sport to learn is baseball to play baseball you need mental focus hand eye cordination and verry good foot work wich takes a good amount of years to succeed at that and somme people never do suceed at that.then you have learn to read a fast ball or an offspeed pitch. there arejust so many things to learn the only other hardest sport is gymnastics or boxing

    Name: Corey

    Out of the major sports here's my opinion- Baseball- the only thing hard about this sport is hitting a fast ball, other than that it is easy to run and catch. It's incredibly boring. (american)football- it depends on your position, QBs all they do is throw the ball where there coach tells them to. All RB and WR have to do is run where there coach tells them to and catch. Lines men just have to be big and strong... So all u need to do in this sport is work out, obey your coach, and practice the one thing that you have to do. Not to mention that the plays are like 4 seconds long. The only thing hard about it is the getting tackled by big guys. Soccer(Futbol)- out of all the sports ive played, soccer is the hardest of all. It takes hours a day to master and you need to be in top shape phisically and mentally. There's no coach to tell you what to do. It's just you and ur team. There's no playbook to tell you what to do, u just have to know the sport and love the sport. If you don't have a passion for it then you will be no good. Also all this bs about soccer not being phisical is totally lies. It might not be as physical as football, rugby, or hockey. But it is very hard and painful. We have no pads. Fun fact- baseball pitches are around 90 miles an hour. When soccer balls are filled with air and are like 6 times bigger. The adverage soccer ball can be kicked 75 miles an hour. But the good Europeans can kick is up two 98 miles an hour.(fastest pitch-104mph fastest kick-143mph Idk about basket ball cuz I've never played it(I'm white) so I won't say anything about it. All the sport I have played at a highs hook level and I am of the best on my team for each one.

    Name: Madelyn Green

    Swimming should be up there as number 2, gymnastics at 3, becuz swimmers have to train for 32 events, but their are 4 pools we train in, (LCM,SCY,SCM, and open water) and we have double practices, two practices a day, for two hours. There is also a thing called dryland, where swimmers have to do weights, run, etc. My practices range from 3,200 yards to 32,000 yards, over 2 miles at the most, and I'm 11. I swim for USA and just Y. It's also very dangerous. Many swimmers die from it too. Fran Crippen a swimmer that was an open water swimmer that was going to make the Olympics (2008) and drowned from overheating. I went to the hospital because of severe dehydration too. Swimmers can get concussions, from hitting their head on a concrete wall. Still think swim isn't a sport? I dare you to come to my practice.

    Name: eddie

    you're all out of wack with those choices. baseball by far is the toughest. try hitting a round ball coming your way with a round bat at 90-95 mph, you just can't teach that. one more thing.....if there isn't a ball it's not a sport. it's a game. that's my take on it and I'm sticking to it

    Name: Rachel

    Cheer is for bitches ive done it and its nothing compared to a real sport. I believe that basketball and swimming are the hardest both require technique, endurance, and mental stability.

    Name: Kara

    People I'd cheer is a sport so is marching band and let me tell you it is way harder than any sport I've ever played, you don't get to wear nice cool suits, gets plenty of break time, or have one hour practices. In marching band it's more work than you could ever think possible I'd like someone from any of the listed sports try marching band after 3 hours of carrying 25 pounds of instrument, in a hot sweaty suit, walking in a way that kills legs, and dancing, try not to complain.

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