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    Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

    The Basics of Short Term Health Insurance Coverage

    Posted on 11/6/2009 4:15:04 PM

    The standard health insurance policy can give you full coverage that includes check up, medicines and treatments. This is an essential thing to have especially with the rising cost of medical services. Many people are acquiring insurance for the purpose of being ready in case of emergency.

    There are different kinds of insurance polices and one of the most popular one is short term health insurance. This kind of insurance offers low protection coverage but on a temporary basis or for a short period of time. The coverage is dependent on the needs of a policy holder. As compared to traditional insurance policy, it doesn’t include treatments like optical and dental check ups. Before opting for one, you need to study the pros and cons of the policy in order to get the maximum benefits.

    Basics of short term health insurance

    This insurance involves paying low premiums and high deductibles. Normally it offers eighty percent medical reimbursements and medical expenses. The deductible range is affordable offering flexibility to policy holders. There are some companies that offer additional policy and extension in case there are no significant changes that happens to the client. This policy is non renewable depending on the case of the person. The good news is that you can have a money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the service. The premium will be returned to you after a month. In addition, there are short term health insurance that offers other coverage like accident medical expense and dental vision savings plan that gives discount for eye and dental services.

    Disadvantages of short term insurance

    There are negative things about this policy. One is the fact that it excludes pre existing condition of an individual. Most are not renewable therefore new policies are needed every six months or even yearly. Under the terms and condition of this policy, a company may refuse to issue another insurance policy in case a person develops an illness after the premium is paid. It is considered to be a pre existing condition. This kind of policy is temporary so it can’t be used as a substitute for standard kinds of insurance.

    People who can avail of short term insurance policy

    This is not recommended for everyone however there are people who may need this kind of insurance policy. If you are a person who changes jobs often then this is an option for you especially for health protection. Short term policy works for short duration and requires paying fewer premiums. This can be offered by companies who employ part time workers. This is also good for people who have just graduated and in the midst of searching for work. If you no job for short period of time, then this insurance policy can work. As a policy holder, you can select from different doctors or hospitals.

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