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    Ideas for Organic Skin Care

    Maintaining Skin in a Organic Way

    Posted on 4/1/2008

    Vain people spend considerable amount of money on cosmetics, botox, plastic surgeries and other quick fixes to reverse the effects of aging. Little have the world known that some traditional practices and misconception on some products has given the skin more harm than function as what has been indicated in its label. Are you also in hunt of ideas for skin care in organic way?

    Any individual planning to start one’s travel to cosmetic shelves in order to create a new beauty program must take note of the three important things first: lifestyle, diet and exercise. Browsing websites may just lead to confusion and results to buying the wrong product. One should know the benefits of using organic products to health and the skin.

    Complete nutrition, balanced diet and good exercise never missed the trick to health and beauty. Then our beauty regimens can very well supplement what has been radiated from the inside to make our skin look perfectly flawless, smooth and glowing.

    Skin cleansing is the most important part of a woman’s beauty regimen. Cleansing basically removes the dirt, grime, oil and other foreign matters irritating your skin. Frequent washing is only applicable to oily skin. Dry skin may be washed to a maximum of twice a day. It is best to determine first the type and state of the skin before implementation of the new beauty program. The next thing to settle is cleansing without the use of soaps. Soap and water may be a good combination but it can do more harm than good. Soaps contain harsh ingredients that tend to remove essential oils. Soaps also leave residues that may form a scum which can make any skin dry and more irritated.

    Cleansing may begin by splashing the skin with warm water to stimulate blood circulation. Cleansers shall then be applied to cleanse the skin. Since the use of soap was completely eradicated, pure cold creams made of almond meal or cornmeal is said to be the best substitute. Another option is the combination of oils like castor oil, virgin olive oil, almond oil, avocado oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil, shea butter and walnut oil. Oils are considered to be the most natural way to cleanse your face which also heals and restores your skin to its most natural health and vitality. Use a washcloth to rub these cleansers to the face. A skin brush may be used on the body to remove the impurities in the skin folds and follicle openings. Skin brushing also promotes over all body detoxification. Then apply body oil rich in plant essential oils to keep it warm and moist throughout the day.

    The next step is exfoliation. When done daily this sweeps away dirt and clear oil clogged pores. Giving the skin of the face a facial scrub like the natural Jojoba beads will safely and gently removes dry dead skin. The sea salt rub works best with the skin of the body. A mixture of a cup of sea salt, apricot or almond oil and drops of peppermint essential oil exfoliates the skin naturally by breaking protein bonds and loosening the outer layer of the skin giving it a soft, glowing look after. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. After your bath you may touch your skin ad feel the supple smoother improved texture of your skin.

    Toners shall be applied before moisturizing your skin. Toners work to clarify and tone the skin while maintaining minimum presence of wrinkles as possible. It also works to balance the ph of the skin preparing it to effectively receive the benefits of the moisturizing process. Toning focuses on initiating hydrating and moisturizing process of any skin care. Organic lavender and organic rose water toners are common and are available anywhere. The last is putting on moisturizers which serve to hold moisture in the skin and act as barriers to prevent water loss. Healing plants and essential oils of witch hazel, Saint John Worts, calendula, wheat germ, olive and jojoba oils, avocado, rose petal, rose hip and marshmallow soothes the skin and heal skin irritations. Organic products take care of your skin care problems and contain no harmful chemicals that may irritate your skin. The best way to beautiful skin and healthy body is to use organic products inside and out.

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