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    Grow Naturally Long Healthy Hair

    Tips for Growing Healthy Hair

    Posted on 3/9/2008

    Every time you watch Hollywood celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson or Marcia Cross you wonder about their natural healthy hair. You go out of your ways to find a solution to grow naturally long healthy hair and many times commit blunders because of inadequate knowledge.

    Every one can’t have hairs like Katie Homes but it’s not at all a daunting task to grow and maintain healthy, shiny hairs at the same time. Naturally growing long healthy hair also needs maintenance otherwise it won’t take too long to damage.

    Before moving into any kind of solutions you should know few things about your hair, is it dry, is it curly, is it dropping, is it breaking and many more. Once you make a self analysis or consult a hair specialist on your hair then it will be much easier to find solutions to grow it well. Here are few majors to be considered while taking care of your hair to make it long, strong, shiny and beautiful:

    Diet for Healthy Hair

    Drinking lots of water not only helps in growing long and healthy hair but also improves body metabolism. Presence of natural minerals in water helps in making your hair root strong and grows well. Everyday food doesn’t supply all kinds of vitamins to our body so on needed you should always take the required vitamin pills, consult your hair specialist on vitamins needed for healthy hair and see where lag.

    General Hair Loss

    Don’t be scared looking your hairs on bed and bathing tub, there will be natural hair drops and this is very normal, similarly we also grow new hair daily which is not noticed. If you notice any unusual sever hair loss then that’s something to be worried for.

    Tips for Growing Healthy Hair

    There isn’t any rocket science or hidden treasure which I can say to grow healthy hair, there is no medicine which you can apply to make your hair like Katie Holmes. There are few safety majors you can take to avoid hair loss are:

    • Try to use wide-toothed comb on wet hairs, normally hair root remains soft when it is wet and use of narrow-toothed combs might cause to damage and drop it.
    • Dry your hairs naturally, don’t use any kind of air blower or electric dryer to make it waterless.
    • Use organic oils like jojoba, rosemary and massage it well so that it will help in making your hair root strong.
    • Wash your hair daily or on alternate days.
    • Trim your hair once in a month or two months to avoid split ends.
    • Avoid all those products which shout to be “healthy hair gel” or “healthy hair care products” because originally they are not, instead are highly rich chemicals and not at all advised for your hair.
    • Use rubber bands which are specially designed for tying ponytails as those don’t break your hair when removed.
    • Finally if you have lost all your hairs then either shave your head or look for some hair transplant options to look well.

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    Name: vinoth

    The perfect ans for the hair treatment i ever seen ROCKED let it reach EVERY 1 GREAT the person who told this Thank u a lot.

    Name: Caitlyn Compton

    You tips have really helped me with my hair care management. My hair is not the best, but in time I hope to see an improvement. Thank You!

    Name: Pao

    For healthy long hair have our head ???? What type of advice is that ??? What girl wants to have her head ?? There are thousand better solutions for healthy long hair than that !!!!

    Name: Pao

    For healthy long hair shave our head ???? What type of advice is that ??? What girl wants to shave her head ?? There are thousand better solutions for healthy long hair than that !!!!

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