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    Getting a Student Health Insurance Coverage

    Things to Know Before Getting a Student Health Insurance Coverage

    Posted on 11/11/2009 4:20:18 PM

    If you have a child who is going to college, then a good idea is to get him or her student health insurance coverage. You may assume that college sponsored insurance may cover everything he or she needs however this is not the case.

    It is best that you go for full time student health insurance coverage. There are times when your employer sponsored health plan includes your child. However not all companies do so to reduce and control health care cost. It is best to double check on this matter so you don’t have to pay for both. Student health insurance covers children under the age of 25. To be sure, read the insurance’s find print.

    Before select student’s health insurance coverage, see to it that there is no gap. Assess the load of subject load of your child. There are some insurance companies that require certain number of course during a semester. Make sure that yours doesn’t fall below. Just like ordinary insurance, your child needs to go to a physician who is a member of a network. He or she would also need to get pre approval in case he or she would undergo procedures. This would ensure that the student would get full benefits under the policy.

    There are times when the school doesn’t have network physician. The thing is, you should find accredited one so that your claims would be accepted. You should select an insurance company with large network group so that it is easy to find doctor in case of emergency. As the insurance provider if they still cover your child even if you take leave of absence because of injury and illness. This is considered to be crucial because we may never know when accidents could happen. Check if the schools are offering health coverage. They need to be compared to different insurance provider. There are many health plans that have certain limitation when it comes to doctor’s visit, prescription drug coverage and length of stay in the hospital. As a policy holder, you need to be aware of this kind of things. There is also a maximum amount that you can spend when it comes to injury or illness. It is best that you understand student’s health plan and its restrictions before you sign up for it.

    Of course, if your company sponsored insurance doesn’t cover this type of insurance, it is best that you consider getting one for your kid. There are various policies available in the market today. Be wise when it comes to making decision about it. This would certainly have an impact in the future. Giving your child student insurance would give you peace of mind in the long run.


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