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    Considering Photography as a Serious Career Option

    When to Considering Photography as a Serious Career Option

    Posted on 2/9/2008

    Photography isn’t as easy as it looks. If you are considering photography as a serious career option, you need to learn all there is about this industry; you need to choose what field of photography you wish to engage in and you need to note how pricey photography as a career can be.

    Photography carries two of the most famous names in the world: Ansel Adams and Annie Leibovitz.

    Basics of Photography

    Ansel Adams work and Annie Leibovitz photography are two prime examples of success in the field of art photography. If you are seriously considering photography as a new career option, you must look at your prospective career duties with the determination of a crazed shutterbug. Very few of those who enlist in this career actually eke out a respectable income out of it. At best, some of these photographers do this as a part-time gig, which they support by a more income-generating full time job.

    If you have already done time doing photography on a part-time basis, and you have accumulated a great number of publishable works, built a network, well known at your place for this niche, then yes, perhaps it is a good time to consider a career change.

    Photography isn’t as easy as it looks. Clicking the button on the camera and hoping for something engaging will show on film – well, that is not how photography works. Although digital photography has made this industry more accessible to more novices and enthusiasts, there still remains a great dividing line between amateur and professional photographing work. For hard-core photographers, digital photography is not at par with conventional photography; and certainly, they do not subscribe to digitally re-mastering any photograph.

    Budgeting for Your Camera Kit

    First of all, in order to become a professional photographer, there are several career requirements you must complete, as well as several equipments and tools to invest heavily in. Although there seems to be many career job opportunities for photographic works, making a living out of it on a full time basis is rather difficult – especially if you are an unnamed photographer on a shoe string budget.

    Learning all about photography would be a great way to start this career change. You can enroll yourself in photography schools or apply in one of the numerous photographic internships in the country. If you can, you might try apprenticing yourself to an established photography artist, or try to sign in for workshops conducted by photography masters. Not only is this a great way of learning how to be a full time working photographer, you would also get to experience the different fields of this industry. You might know that there are ample of websites providing photography tips which can really help in making your career in this niche. Don’t forget that you need a basic kit to start your journey of photography. You might be afraid thinking about pros investments, don’t worry, you can start with $1500-2000 kit which works well for all novice photographers. The ideal camera body can be Canon EOS 40D or Nikon D40 with lenses(18-55mm and 70-300mm with image stabilizing feature).

    Career Scopes in Photography Profession

    There are many, many photographic jobs available – but only for those who can cope with the trade. You need to know what fields you are best suited to because photography work is not limited only to christening and wedding work. Photographic work can mean: art photography, commercial photography, documentary photography (i.e. national geography work), event photography (i.e. wedding photography), glamour photography (i.e. fashion photography), landscape photography, nature photography, photojournalism photography, portrait photography, still life photography, etc.

    Many photographers move about from one field to the other and so may you. However, it may be prudent to gain expertise first in one field before moving on to other. That way, you can establish your name first and your skills in photographing can increase in the same time.

    Photography jobs are very creative, it can also be in the form of studio works photography or location photography. Art photography can be performed either at a studio or at any location beyond the studio walls.

    Most people who go into this line of work would prefer to do freelance photography work, rather than work as a photographer for hire. That would indeed be ideal. But you should note that photography has a rather pricey career description.

    For starters, you need to have the latest serviceable cameras and paraphernalia, just to remain competitive. If your services are for hire, you need to be able to go to a location at a moment’s notice. If you prefer to be studio-based, aside from renting a studio, you also need more paraphernalia for your trade, and offer services that other studios may not be offering.



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